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Cyrilla Rowsell

After 11 years as a primary teacher, Cyrilla specialised in music education and is now one of the most experienced practitioners of the Kodály approach in the country. She is in great demand not only as a teacher, but also as a trainer, consultant and advisor to individual teachers, schools and education authorities. Currently, Cyrilla teaches Kodály musicianship to primary aged children at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and also musicianship, methodology and conducting to adults.



David Vinden

After studying at the Royal Academy of Music and Royal Holloway College, David taught for six years before embarking on two years of study at The Kodály Institute, in Hungary. On returning he worked at the Purcell School, becoming its director. He co-founded the Kodály Centre of London in 1992. He now lectures at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Trinity College of Music in London and teaches for the Colourstrings UK. He is in demand the world over as a leading Kodály exponent.

David was the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence. An interview with him can be found here.



Will Green

Will Green has been a primary school teacher since 2001. In 2010 he became a full-time music specialist and began studying with the British Kodály Academy (BKA). This included attending two Summer Schools, completing both of the BKA’s Roehampton University accredited methodology courses and achieving distinctions in the elementary, intermediate and advanced musicianship courses. He has always used the Jolly Music series as the foundation of his planning with the Reception to Year 3 age group. He now teaches music, from Nursery to Year 6, in a large inner-city primary school. ‘Jolly Music develops musicianship through singing in carefully thought through, sequential and fun lessons for any whole-class setting: it works!’ Will is available year-round for training in the UK, and in the school holidays for training abroad.



Martin Lijinsky

Having worked as a more conventional piano teacher, Martin began using the Kodály philosophy in his teaching in 2005. After spending one year studying in more depth at the Kodály Institute in Hungary, he took over music education in the Pre Prep at Cheam School in 2007. He has used the Jolly Music books extensively since then. He says ‘It is a wonderful resource, packed full of important pathways through which music can be taught in a detailed and concise way. To see all the children developing into musicians is very exciting!’



Clare Fulton

The sole Scottish trainer for Jolly Learning, Clare (BEd (Hons), Mont (Dip)) has worked with children in all stages of primary school in a variety of mainstream and additional support needs settings.  She has taught Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar and Jolly Music and is a trainer for all 3 programmes, having travelled extensively to work with teachers, headteachers, inspectors and trainers to explain their content and demonstrate how they are effectively used in practice.  Clare has taught Jolly Music to many primary school pupils and, despite having no specialised musical training, describes it as “a programme which can be used with ease and confidence by any teacher”.  All lessons are prepared and simply presented and fully supported by CDs in which all singing teaching is recorded for use in the classroom and children delight in the music and learning. Clare is based in Scotland, but can travel further afield.


Tel: 07947 368117



Miranda Zwalf

After training at the Royal College of Music and in Florida, Miranda spent many years as a professional orchestral and solo flautist and flute teacher before moving towards music education using the Kodály concept. She currently teaches Kodály to children from Reception to Year 6 at the Stephen Perse Community Music School and is also Lecturer in Kodály Musicianship at Birmingham Conservatoire. She has also taught on the String Training Programme at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Miranda is a highly experienced teacher trainer, acting as a regular tutor for the British Kodály Academy and providing In-Service training for Music Services and schools and for the ‘In Harmony’ project. Miranda is thoroughly familiar with the Jolly Music resources, having been involved in their development.



Samantha Ojokor

Samantha is a music teacher with 21 years’ experience. She is a full-time music specialist at a London primary school and Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) providing CPD, mentoring, coaching to practitioners and whole-school staff training. Samantha teaches Jolly Music from Nursery to Year 2 in preparation for the three-year whole-class Vocal Ensemble Tuition programme (recorders, ukulele and keyboard) which she delivers in Key Stage 2. Samantha is available for UK training all year round.

“Jolly Music is excellent preparation for children learning to play a musical instrument, particularly in whole-class ensembles.”



Esther Hargittai

Esther graduated from the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, in 1995 with an MA in Choral Conducting and Music Education. From 1996 to 2005 she worked for a well-known children’s choir in Israel; the Efroni Choir, where she set up, conducted and managed the Young Efroni Choir, and taught music and conducted choirs through all age groups in Israel. Esther has conducted numerous performances in a variety of settings (national events, TV programmes, charities), including representing Israel in the USA (Washington, Kennedy Centre, Salt Lake City) and France. She was the co-author of a Kodàly Method manual, published by the Jerusalem Music Centre. Since 2006 she has been a professional staff member of the British Kodàly Academy, running courses and workshops, and is part of their development team. Esther teaches Kodàly musicianship at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London.

“My target is to ‘spread the word’, to get to as many teachers and music educators as possible, as I am convinced this programme can change their and their pupil’s lives.”


Tel (prefer to be contacted by email as Esther teaches daily): 07900 828 497


Stephen Marquiss

Cambridge graduate Stephen has taught at the prestigious music department at Hazlegrove Preparatory School for over 15 years. As Pre-Prep Music Teacher, he transformed his approach – and the children’s musical progress – with Jolly Music. Stephen helped to spearhead the Frome Festival, now known internationally, and staged many community workshops and events as Founder and Music Director of Frome Symphony, Frome’s lively amateur orchestra. As a pianist and teacher, Stephen pioneers a radical, holistic approach to technique, Piano Portals, which embraces many of the fundamental tenets of Jolly Music, including ‘inner hearing’ and the rhythmic coordination of the whole body. In 2018, Stephen was invited to be a New Tutor at the award-winning Jackdaws Music Education Trust.

“I’m passionate about cultivating the aural and rhythmic skills required for advanced instrumental playing from day one. Jolly Music, with its high quality, singing-centric approach, does just that.” Stephen Marquiss

“A fabulously engaging tutor with a light touch and enlightened approach” Jackdaws Course Participant

Stephen is available for international training and workshops all year round.


Tel: +44 (0)7791 127979


Emma Harding

Emma studied music at the University of Manchester, and then went on to study for a Masters in flute performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music, London. In 2016, Emma became aware of the Kodály approach to music education and began to explore this in all of her instrumental and classroom teaching. She went on to attend numerous courses with the British Kodály Academy (BKA) and hasn’t stopped learning and exploring the methodology since. Emma now teaches Kodály musicianship to primary aged children at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. During the week, Emma is a visiting music teacher at numerous primary schools, teaching KS1 and KS2 musicianship, recorder and flute as well as mentoring classroom teachers in using the Jolly Music scheme. Emma uses the Jolly Music scheme throughout her teaching as she believes that the structured and expertly created programme provides a firm foundation for all music lessons.


Tel: +44 (0)7837 084 266




Pedro Izuzquiza

Pedro studied Musical Primary Education at University and has worked as a music teacher at several music schools, especially with pre-school children and infants. He holds a Diploma in Singing from the ABRSM, and has conducted amateur choirs for both children and adults. He currently teaches music to children aged 3 to 10 at Montserrat School (FUHEM) in Madrid. He recognises Jolly Music’s usefulness for music teachers who teach in English as a second language and for any other teachers who want to introduce music to their classes.

Pedro lives in Madrid but can travel further afield in the school holidays.


Tel: +34 91 435 24 55




Aarti Shah

With a Master’s in Education (IEA-Certification), Aarti is also certified in ‘Early Educator’s Professional Development Programme’ from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, USA. Aarti has over 18 years of experience in teaching and is already a Jolly Phonics and Grammar Trainer. She has added Jolly Music to her teaching portfolio in 2015 and was the first to introduce Jolly Music classes in India.

Aarti has used Jolly Music with students aged 4 to 7 with great success at both her USA and Indian centres, ACE – Academy for Crafting Education. “I have found the Jolly Music Beginner’s programme and its curriculum very easy to understand and use in the classroom whether or not a teacher has any professional training in music. The concepts are very clear and children find it fun, engaging and have become confident performers.”


Tel: +91 9819286664

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Australia and Singapore

Victoria Carlton

Victoria Carlton is the director of The International Centre for Excellence (ICE), and is a highly experienced trainer in Jolly Phonics as well as Jolly Music. Victoria has conducted many professional training courses for teachers and parents in Australia and S.E.A., all of whom are attracted to her pragmatic and clear approach as it provides a clear pathway through the educational “maze”. She has trained thousands of teachers and educators for more than 10 years jointly with September 21 Enterprise Pte Ltd in Singapore. Her workshops are attended by participants from all over the Asia Pacific region and are so popular that she has now committed to travelling to Singapore four times a year to conduct the highly successful Jolly Learning training workshops. Victoria was an enthusiastic early adopter of Jolly Music when the first Handbook was published in 2008, recognising its usefulness for teachers with little or no musical knowledge. ‘The Jolly Music programme is fantastic. I love it because I can understand it!’

Email: or

Tel: 08 9271 4200


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Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia

Edwina Kwan

Edwina Kwan has been using Jolly Music since 2012 and has been greatly impressed by the effect on her pupils’ musical skills. Edwina, who is also a Certified User of EQ-i2.0 & EQ 360, is passionate about sharing with teachers the best ways to help children learn. She was instrumental in having Jolly Music adopted by the state nursery schools in Singapore. Edwina is effectively bilingual and is able to explain to teachers in English and Mandarin. She conducts training in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Tel: +65-9785 1925

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Yoko Matsumoto

Yoko has been working at elementary schools in the Kansai region of Japan for over 40 years, as both a music and English teacher. She was very happy to find Jolly Music, as it combined her passion for teaching English pronunciation to children with the fun of music and movement. She has found that using Jolly Music, particularly in combination with Jolly Phonics, has a great effect on her students’ English abilities, including reading and writing. With her experience of the Japanese education system, her knowledge of music and her passion for teaching, Yoko looks forward to helping you and your young learners develop and grow.

インターナショナルスクールで音楽教師をした後、神戸海星女子学院小学校で教鞭をとり40年余りになります。Jolly Musicとの出会いは3年ほど前になりますが、1年間Jolly Musicを学習したのちにJolly Phonicsに入った児童といきなりJolly Phonicsに入った児童とを比べてみるとJolly Musicを1年間楽しんだ児童の音に対する感度のよさ、blendingの正確さなどに驚きます。

Jolly Phonics導入前の幼少期にJolly Musicで楽しみながら英語のRhymesをたくさん覚えそこからJolly Phonicsに進んでいくとより効果的に英語の音やリズムを学習できると強くお勧めいたします。子ども達に英語の基礎力を身に着けさせたいとお考えの先生方の手助けをできればと大変うれしく思います。