Gary Yung


Gary Yung has been teaching young children English reading and writing for over 20 years. He is also involved in designing curriulum and teacher training for international kindergartens.His doctoral dissertation focused on the comparison study of English teaching materials in China and Hong Kong. He also holds an M.A. degree in Early Childhood Education from UBC, Canada; an M.S. degree in educational psychology from California State University, USA. He helped establish a number of international kindergartens in China.

Back in 2000, Gary introduced Jolly Phonics to many kindergartens in Hong Kong with impressive results. When Jolly Phonics became popular in Hong Kong, he began to give trainings to a large number of English teachers form different international schools and kindergarten in Hong Kong. More recently he has been involved in promoting Jolly Phonics in China. He has travelled to many cities to give presentations and trainings to teachers from state schools and language training centres.

Gary is active in organising training workshops in Hong Kong and China. He also offers online training in both regions. One of the video clips that he produced can be viewed here:

Hong Kong
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