Jolly Phonics at Home (in print letters)


**The Jolly Phonics at Home Kit provides the best start to your child’s phonics journey and with a massive discount, you can buy yours now for only $49.99!**

The Jolly Phonics at Home Kit (in print letters) has everything you need to support your child to read and write at home in a fun and enjoyable way. Contained in a bright canvas case for easy storage, this kit is packed full of fun and multi-sensory resources specifically designed to help children in the early stages of reading and writing. Ideal for children aged 3+.

Items contained include:

Snagging the kit will save you over $90 compared to purchasing resources separately!

Other features include a slot on the side of the bag to add a picture of your child and a selection of FREE triangular grip pencils in red, yellow, green and blue, along with an eraser!


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JL138 Jolly Phonics at Home (in print letters)