Tania Asensi

Tania is a qualified and highly experienced English teacher. She has been teaching English to children, teens and adults for over a decade. She is an expert in official English exams preparation and has elaborated two language –learning books, along with creating content for a variety of other materials. Additionally, she founded the project English4families which helps families and trains nursery educators in how to use the English language with babies and toddlers on a daily basis. She is a qualified University Expert in CLIL and has successfully introduced science and biology using English as a vehicular language into her English lessons.

Her interest in helping children to read and write in the best possible way, lead her to learn and use Jolly Phonics. She has been delighted with the results and is totally convinced of the importance of using this methodology in all schools of Spain.

One of her mottos as a teacher is the saying: “teach me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I learn” and in her opinion, this essence is to be found in Jolly Phonics.

You can follow her on both Facebook and Instagram @english4families.

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