Sujatha Gajendran

Hebei Province
With a reservoir of 7+ years in early childhood education, Sujatha radiates expertise. Emerging from her beginnings as a homeroom teacher within IB and Creative Curriculum schools, she now takes center stage as the luminary Jolly Phonics trainer and the driving force behind training and development for a pioneering edtech institution. Her forte lies in instructional design and training development, having sculpted the skills of over 2000+ educators in Jolly Phonics, illuminating leading IB schools with her workshops.

Sujatha’s accolades form a tapestry of distinction – once lauded as the ‘Best Outgoing Student,’ she now dons the TESOL certificate as a testament to her passion for early years language acquisition. Adorned with a gold medal by Nilgiris’ District Collector and the ‘JCI Achiever of the Year’ in 2016, she’s acclaimed as the “Most Innovative Facilitator” for her pioneering teaching strategies that stretch beyond convention.

Her keen eye has witnessed young minds exhibit profound blending and segmenting skills, fostering robust English literacy at an early age through Jolly Phonics. Eager to disseminate these transformative experiences, Sujatha offers Jolly Phonics training enriched with imaginative 21st-century teaching methodologies. Her journey is driven by a fervent belief in Jolly Phonics as the paragon program, a passion that ignites her mission to impart knowledge to fellow educators.

Her guiding principle, encapsulated by Ignacio Estrada’s wisdom, underscores her pedagogical philosophy – if the child cannot learn the way we teach, then we must adapt our teaching to align with how they learn.

Travel Information:
Across China, India and anywhere else upon request