Srabani Panigrahi (Meera)

Pune, Maharashtra
Srabani, a B.Tech graduate with an MBA Degree, is the co-founder of Digiphonics – and literacy centre to make learning fun for children and teachers – alongside another Jolly Trainer, Sonia Patil. Together, they have taught over 500 children and trained more than 100 teachers.

Working at a Montessori school for multiple years uncovered Srabani’s passion for teaching, leading her to complete a Bachelor in Education Degree. In the 5 years since, she has seen a drastic improvement in children aged 3-10 using the Jolly Phonics programme, including those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

“Teaching is my passion and this wonderful method of learning has made me fall in love with it. Everyone knows what phonics is but I think it is very important to know how systematically you can implement it through fun activities. I believe in making learning fun and creating memories so that children remember it forever.”

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