Sonyja Murphy

Chiang Mai
Sonyja has been using the Jolly Phonics program to teach young learners for many years now. In her capacity as a teacher of young learners she has seen how the Jolly Phonics program provides learners with the tools they need to read and write from the very beginning. She believes that the program lends itself well to authentic learning in the form of creative storytelling and part and parcel of that and notably most of all it empowers the learner from the very beginning. This sense of empowerment from an early age helps learners to not only ‘crack the code’ when it comes to reading and writing, but also plants a seed of purpose and meaning too.

Sonyja has worked in international schools within Thailand for many years and within this time she has witnessed how children with English as their first language and children with English as their second or even third language achieve equally well.

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