Sonia Patil

Pune, Maharashtra
Sonia is a graduate in Biotechnology and Chemistry and postgraduate in Computer Management. After completing post-graduation she trained in phonics teaching whilst working, eventually leaving her industry to complete a Bachelor in Education degree and start working in a Montessori school. She has now been trained in the Montessori method for children aged 3 to 6 years, as well as earning a certificate in Storytelling.

Introduced to Jolly Phonics in 2013, she has used the programme with her classes and undertaken online training. Although results seen in children were brilliant from her Montessori training, she has found the children enjoy Jolly Phonics much more – they love the actions, songs and stories and are excited to come to class every day – and has seen instant results; she has seen her 5 year olds reading long words with diagraphs and combinations independently. Additionally, she has taught children with learning disabilities using Jolly Phonics and is proud with the great improvement in their letter recognition, sounds and reading abilities.

Alongside her teaching, Sonia works as a volunteer teacher for the schools for underprivileged children in the rural parts of India. Here, she looks forward to gifting the underprivileged children with the joy of Jolly Phonics and helping them also become independent readers and creative writers.

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