Sara Hutton-Anetopoulos

Sara has been a teacher, teacher trainer, oral examiner and presenter for many years. She has been teaching young learners and adults from absolute beginners to C2 (CEFR) level proficiency, teaching phonics in her language schools for a long time before deciding to adopt Jolly Phonics. “I am now convinced the Jolly Phonics System serves my learners better. I have always fostered a multi-sensory approach to teaching within my schools and JP blends very well with this. Jolly Phonics brings a lot of fun into the classroom and makes edutainment possible by combining entertainment with education. I have witnessed both my teachers and our young learners alike enjoying their lessons a whole lot more since we introduced the JP method.” Sara would love to be able to share her experience with others and inspire teachers to make their lessons even more engaging by using Jolly Phonics.

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