Samira Teymurova

Samira is an international instructor and consultant. She has been working as a principal at a private school whilst running her newly opened Jolly Learning Centre in Baku. Samira’s been over 25 years in education, from teaching to leadership, and is qualified as an expert to serve on the visiting committees of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

With certifications in methodology and theory at UCLA and the Middle Leader programme at Edge Hill University, Samira has taught Jolly Phonics for years at international schools.

The excellent results achieved by this programme led Samira to write a Jolly-inspired kindergarten curriculum; she believes every child and teacher deserve to benefit from the best phonic teaching. Recently awarded “Best Teacher of the Year” by the Republic of Azerbaijan,

Samira has been an expert in their latest assessment of English textbooks.

Travel Information:
Azerbaijan, Middle East