Rieko Izumi

Takamatsu, Kagawa

I have been teaching English in Japan since 2003 after obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Osaka University of Foreign Studies and acquiring a teaching license for high school and junior high school. Before I started to teach Jolly Phonics in 2016, I used to be a high school teacher, and I have come to realize that the key to effective learning in the introductory phase of English language acquisition lies in careful reading and writing instruction. Jolly Phonics is the most suitable method because it is designed to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to children, including those who face difficulties in reading and writing.

In my class, there have been remarkable achievements, such as elementary school students successfully tackling high school entrance exam reading comprehension passages. Additionally, a student with dyslexia has overcome the challenges of reading and writing difficulties and passed the Eiken exam. Despite not being in an English-speaking environment, children are acquiring reading and writing skills joyfully, expanding their horizons, and confidently pursuing the possibilities of their dreams.

My goal is to spread Jolly Phonics-based reading and writing instruction for children throughout Japan, aiming to enhance the overall English proficiency across the country.

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