Preeti Lodaya

Muland (mumbai)
Preeti graduated from Somaiya College and she is a certified holder of Early Childhood Education, working in the education sector for 18 years. Preeti felt saddened to see children struggling in their reading and writing so she decided to use phonic methodology in her teaching. Implementing Jolly Phonics in her classes gave Preeti tremendous results, and her students became excellent readers and creative writers. After seeing the results from using Jolly phonics, Preeti founded the Star Kids Phonetic and Grammar Workshop centre in 2009, which has since given the students a fantastic opportunity to read and write.

Star Kids Phonics and Grammar workshops exclusively teach language skills to students. Every year many of the students are participants of different competitions and exams including Spell Bee, Spell Quest, Maars and English Olympiad. Students have often won medals and reached an international level within these trails.

Pretty has experienced the immense benefit of Jolly Phonics and is eager to spread the word to every corner of the world to help develop literacy skills. Each year she helps more than 250 students learn to read and write. She also organises phonic awareness camps for parents to help their understanding of phonics. Preeti is keen to share her knowledge and experience with other teachers and schools.

+91 98 3377 2946
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