Nasrin Marbena

Nasrin has been teaching for 9 years, demonstrating excellence as a classroom practitioner and serving as a positive role model to establish herself as an important member of staff within her school.

She has worked closely with a range of professionals across the school, using the Jolly Phonics programme with different age groups and seeing its outstanding results from her students. She strongly believes education is empowering and strives to ensure that her students develop a love of learning and gain the skills necessary to become independent readers and writers long term.

She believes Jolly Phonics to be the most effective and efficient way to teach reading and writing skills to children, continuing to use it over the last 4 years in English schools in Iraq. She recommends it for any English teachers around the world as the best way to teach children by making learning lots of fun: incorporating games, activities and songs, her students enjoy and grasp lessons better. “I just love the way the parents and students respond to this method of teaching as it results in great feedback.”

Nasrin is very proud to be a part of this organisation and continues to spread phonics from 100s to 1000s of students.