Mohammad Khayrullah

Mohammad Khayrullah is a highly experienced English teacher who has been passionate about teaching synthetic phonics since the beginning of his career. With five years of experience as a Jolly Phonics teacher and two years as a phonics trainer for other teachers, Mohammad has been successful in raising awareness about phonics in Libya. He has organized and held Jolly Phonics training events for over 800 teachers across Libya since he began training teachers in phonics in 2021. He has also helped many schools incorporate Jolly Phonics as a permanent part of their system by providing them with teacher training and consultation.

Mohammad is also the founder of Rusul Almarefa Co. (RAC), a highly respected training center with multiple branches across Tripoli that specializes in teaching Jolly Phonics. The center has amassed thousands of students since its establishment and currently has over 600 active students across its branches who study exclusively Jolly Phonics.

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