Loch C Chapple

Mr. Loch Chapple is a qualified and experienced instructor who is known for his neutral accent, lively demeanor, and insightful experience. He has been presenting Jolly Phonics and Grammar workshops throughout Thailand, Myanmar and neighboring countries. His designs for hands-on workshops are well known for placing participants in the position of students, providing step-by-step, field tested guidance for problems common in the learning environment, and giving participants multiple opportunities to practice each skill in the seminar. These are the essential teaching strategies for teaching young learners with a progressive and proven methodology.

Many of Mr. Chapple’s students who speak virtually no English whatsoever, make impressive progress under his tutelage.

He takes pride in the success of students that may have struggled at first. He believes that no students need be left behind.

In addition to being a certified Jolly Phonics and Grammar Professional Trainer, Mr. Chapple hone his extensive knowledge and experience by teaching primary school grades, as well as training teachers at both private and international schools throughout Thailand and neighboring countries.

089 499 4462
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Across Thailand, South East Asia and Australia
094 242 8265