Khushbu Porwal

Khushbu is an Early Childhood Educator and MOE Registered Instructor in Singapore, as well as the Founder of Phonics Essentials. She has 14+ years of rich experience in teaching English/phonics education to teachers, parents and speech & occupational therapists across South Asia; particularly Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. She has presented her work at an event on Teaching Phonics to children with Special Needs, which was attended by thousands of teachers and parents across the world. Currently, she is supporting various NGOs and schools in using the Jolly Phonics and Grammar programme.

She is considered to be the key contributor to teaching Synthetic Phonics in various schools in Singapore and Indonesia. During her initial years in teaching, she realised that most children, irrespective of urban or rural backgrounds, had difficulty reading English, leading to milestone delays in their academics. Her quest for an effective reading program that has a simple, systematic and fun-filled approach to learning led to Jolly Phonics – a child-centered and multisensory reading and writing program for English literacy. Hence, she strongly believes that anyone, regardless of age or background, should be given the opportunity to learn to read.

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