Kannika Devi

Salem, Tamil Nadu
Kannika is a passionate teacher and a founder of ‘Wonder Phonics’, an after school learning studio exclusive for teaching Jolly Phonics & Grammar. Her intense passion for teaching children comes from the feeling of fulfilment she had when first teaching her son, and knowing that she was able to make a difference with him was really incredible.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in English & Costume Designing. Kannika has worked as a teacher in leading CBSE schools & IB school over 9 years, and has been teaching Jolly Phonics & Grammar for the past 5 years; something she credits behind an enormous transformation in the students in their reading and writing skills. She is also particularly happy in helping children with learning difficulties.

She truly believes in ‘learning and sharing knowledge’ which inspired her to circulate her knowledge of Jolly Phonics through Jolly Futures India, a programme which helps to develop the education for rural sector.

Her journey of teaching Jolly Phonics & Grammar led her to achieve ‘South India Women Achievers Award’ for the category an ‘Outstanding Educator’. She is happy to spread joyful learning to many schools, teachers, parents & students.

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