John Chambers

Although John had heard of Jolly Phonics, he was not formally introduced to the programme until 2005 and then he was hooked! Jolly Phonics provided clarity in the very ‘foggy’ area of learning to read and write. The simple act of understanding that letters of the alphabet have sounds (as well as names) and blending those sounds to make words meant that children could read texts for themselves and write phonetically, that can be understood by the teacher. Jolly Phonics has given many children a sense of independence in reading and the confidence to give ‘things a go’. 

John is passionate about literacy and equally passionate about phonics, having spent over 27 years teaching children aged 4-15 both in New Zealand and across Asia. Phonics is only one component of a balanced literacy program, but a very important component.

Travel Information:
All of Thailand, other Asian countries upon request