Renu Rajain


Renu is a dedicated and passionate early childhood teacher with rich teaching experience since 2008. Her international journey has exposed her to diverse students, both children and adults, from multicultural backgrounds and various ethnicities at renowned international schools in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Lagos. Renu’s Master’s degree in early childhood studies from the United States provides a solid educational basis for her teaching ambitions.

Witnessing her students’ remarkable transformation into confident and joyful learners and explorers has brought immense fulfillment to Renu. Motivated by her passion for teaching, she has established her educational center, Let’s Learn Phonics, where she conducts engaging Synthetic Phonics classes. Renu’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her center, as she actively volunteers at government schools, working to bridge the educational gaps faced by children with limited resources.

With a focus on fun and innovative teaching methods, Renu aspires to provide unwavering support and guidance to children, making their learning experience truly enjoyable. As an advocate of play-based learning and synthetic phonics, she is determined to empower young learners and help them discover the joy and effectiveness of learning the Jolly Way. Renu’s dedication to creating a positive and nurturing environment shines through as she endeavors to play a significant role in shaping the bright futures of her students.

Travel Information:
Nigeria, Malaysia