Fatima is a trainer and is currently running her newly opened Jolly Learning Centre (Phonics Club) in Pakistan, where children, parents and teachers now enjoy her lively training. She is working as a trainer and literacy consultant for various organizations. She provides Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar training along with the progression of concepts.

She also organizes sessions and her enthusiastic and lively seminars demonstrate her passion for effective language instruction. She believes every child and teacher deserve to benefit from the synthetic phonics approach using Jolly Phonics program. She works closely with local education foundations, authorities and publishers. Recently working with Punjab Government and piloting Jolly phonics in low cost public and private schools.

She has been impressed with the speed and enthusiasm of the children in learning with Jolly Phonics and she eagerly gives training to schools in the region, amazed how unbelievably well this method works if used effectively.

She is acknowledged for her sessions on Teaching with products in Pakistan and abroad. She had planned curriculums and training sessions for various school systems from high to very low budget schools.

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0308 44 32 015
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