Coreen Kirton

Since 2013 Coreen Kirton has worked with teachers as a trainer and monitor. Her training is simple, yet detailed, and gives teachers the skills and purpose for their teaching. Many teachers say to her, ‘For the first time in (#of years) I feel like I am actually teaching children how to read.’ The confidence in children flourishes when they can blend sounds and say the words (especially those who had difficulty learning to blend) then move on to read books! Wow! Just unbelievable!

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Literatures in English and a Teacher’s Diploma. Her passion is to spread Jolly Phonics far and wide to ensure literacy for all. After your training, she is available to monitor teachers in their classrooms as she believes that monitoring is an integral part of the entire programme. Online training is also available.

So passionate is her belief in Jolly Phonics, that she has remade the old Chinese Proverb: Tell a child the words and he /she reads for a day. Teach a child the letter sounds and he /she reads for life. Learning is a life-long process that starts with a solid foundation. Let her help you achieve success and build a solid foundation with Jolly Phonics.

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