Carla Ribeiro

Carla Ribeiro began using the Jolly Phonics teaching method in Asia in 2015. She can confidently say that Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar have both transformed her as a teacher and the results that she has seen in the children cannot be described with words alone. The children’s confidence in reading and writing as well their never-ending enthusiasm for learning have been key indicators to the success of the program.

Carla spends a lot of her free time helping the ‘slow to start children’ and this is where she has seen the most change. She believes that every child has the right to quality education, in an interactive and engaging environment, and that their days should be academically engaging and child centred. Jolly Phonics covers all those bases and so much more.

She has developed a knack for introducing the Jolly Phonics programme to early years curriculums in bilingual schools in Southeast Asia and diligently moved into Jolly Phonics training and support for bilingual schoolteachers in Cambodia. She has implemented the programme in 3 schools thus far with a total of 5 campuses and she hopes to spread the revolution even further. She can now be found in Paris teaching Year 5 Jolly Grammar at a prestigious French / English bilingual school.

Carla is very much still a child at heart, and she believes that this characteristic has been a significant contributing factor to her success thus far. She wholeheartedly stands behind the brand and she is proud to be part of the Jolly family.

+33 74 980 6880
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