Allegra Tabary

Mansourieh, El-Metn
Allegra is a qualified English Language teacher with a certified Teaching Diploma and holding a Bachelor of English Literature. She has been teaching for 8 years and Jolly Phonics has accompanied her since day one of her teaching career.

Allegra has seen astonishing results in students’ progress in reading and writing. With Jolly Phonics, kids can read after two months from the starting date! Along with their academics, the kids build their self-confidence in reading and moreover they try to read words they haven’t even seen before. In addition to that, the Jolly Phonics programme empowers students to learn in a fun and multi-sensory way, which reaches every child. Allegra has even noticed how it helps to increase their English vocabulary. The parents have even noticed the amazing results which makes Allegra feel blessed to see this kind of progress for the kids in Lebanon.

Jolly Phonics has made learning fun and fast-paced. Allegra would be more than happy to share this programme with other teachers, parents, schools and even the government.

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