Jolly Phonics Student Book 1 (in print letters)


This is the first of two write-in books that provide lesson activities for young students in their first year of reading and writing. The teaching is divided into three steps and is supported by step-by-step lesson plans and comprehensive guidance in the Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book. Student Book 1 covers the daily lessons for Step 1 and the first six weekly units in Step 2.

Step 1

  • Introduces the main letter sounds of English, each with its own story and action.
  • Shows students how to use their letter-sound knowledge to read and write simple regular words, providing daily practice in blending for reading and segmenting for writing.
  • Teaches the first set of tricky words. Students learn to blend the sounds and identify the tricky part.

Step 2

  • Builds and consolidates the reading and writing skills taught in Step 1.
  • Covers four main topics: Alternatives, Handwriting, Tricky Words, and Words and Sentences. These topics introduce the main alternative vowel spellings, capital letters, alphabet, and new tricky words, as well as basic sentence structure through regular guided writing activities.

In this new edition, there are two Student Books, one for each semester. The transitions from Steps 1 to 3 are clearly signposted with a welcome page at the beginning of each step and a reward on completion. The front cover displays a new logo indicating that Jolly Phonics is aligned with both the Science of Reading and the Science of Writing, as the program provides explicit teaching of phonemic awareness, alongside systematic phonics and writing instruction, with a focus on improving fluency, vocabulary acquisition, and reading comprehension.

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72 pages

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JL9889: Student Book 1