Finger Phonics Big Books 1–7 (in print letters)


The Finger Phonics Big Books introduce young children to all of the letter sounds, not just the alphabet. The teaching is multisensory. Each letter sound is introduced with a detailed illustration, a simple story, an action and a large formation letter. As the children’s letter-sound knowledge builds up, blending words (which use only known letter sounds) are included for early reading practice. The wipe-clean plastic sheet can be clipped to the activity pages at the end of each book for fun and engaging whole-class teaching.

These refreshed editions are the same as previous editions in terms of number of pages, pagination and core content, but have been enhanced with:

• New cover designs, color-coded to match each group of letter sounds across other Jolly Phonics resources

• Fresh and new full-page illustrations for each page

• New-style, easy-to-follow letter formation guides

• Information panels showing how to use each page

• Additional items within each picture to tie in with the vocabulary taught in Jolly English

• Updated activities at the end of each book to align with other Jolly Phonics resources

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16 pages per book

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JL6901 Finger Phonics Big Books 1-7 (in print letters)