Jolly Phonics Read and See, Pack 2 (in print letters)


Jolly Phonics Read and See, Pack 2 (in print letters) contains the last 14 books in the series. All these books for children have regular words that can be read by sounding out and blending. 

Perfect first reading books for children learning with synthetic phonics, supporting their school work and getting them interested in reading. 

There is one word on each page. The children read the word and then turn the page to see if they are correct by looking at the picture. The word is shown again in sound dots underneath the picture so that the children can learn to sound out the word after reading it. 

In Pack 2, each book focuses on a different digraph sound or spelling pattern. The words in Pack 2 books are made up from all seven letter sound groups.

These are ideal first books to send home for reading.

  • 14 Books per pack
  • 16 Pages per book
  • 1 Word per page

Letter sounds covered in pack 2:

  • ai Words
  • ng Words
  • ar Words
  • ch Words
  • ck Words

Double letter Words:

  • ee Words
  • er Words
  • oa Words
  • oi Words
  • oo Words
  • or Words
  • ou Words
  • sh Words

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8 pages per book

Size in inches




JL Code

JL2477 Jolly Phonics Read and See, Pack 2 (in print letters)