Our World Readers Blue Level 4 Flyer

We are delighted to introduce you to our Jolly Phonics Our World Readers, which are fully decodable books for children learning to read.

Jolly Phonics Our World nonfiction readers are fully decodable books for new readers. They have a very carefully controlled vocabulary and are specifically designed for children who are learning to read and write with Jolly Phonics.

  • The text in these Blue Level Books (fourth level) uses only decodable regular words that use the letter-sound knowledge taught so far: the 42 main letter sounds and the main alternative letter-sound spellings (‹y› as in happy, the ‘hop-over ‹e›’ spellings of the long vowel sounds, ‹ay› as in
  • day, ‹ea› as in seat, ‹y› and ‹igh› as in fly and high, ‹ow› as in low and now, ‹ew› as in dew, ‹oy› as in joy, ‹ir› and ‹ur› as in bird and turn, and ‹al›, ‹au› and ‹aw› as in talk, pause and saw) and a small number of tricky words (frequently used words that are not fully decodable at this stage).
  • All new tricky words and alternative vowel spellings used are shown on the front inside cover. These can be used as a quick practice activity before starting the book.
  • Faint type is used for silent letters, like the ‹b› in lamb.
  • Comprehension questions and discussion topics are included at the end of the book. These ensure that children are not only able to read the text, but also get meaning from it.

British English, precursive letters          ISBN: 978 1 844149 29 2          JL Code: JL9292          Price: £14.50 (6 books).    VIEW IN UK SHOP

American English, print letters              ISBN: 978 1 844149 30 8          JL Code: JL9308          Price: $16.50 (6 books).    VIEW IN US SHOP

This informational flyer shares more information about the books and what they look like inside.

Download the Jolly Phonics Our World Readers flyer (precursive letters, British English) here.

Download the Jolly Phonics Our World Readers flyer (print letters, American English) here.

To discover the full range of Jolly Phonics decodable readers, click here to download our informational guide. This guide details all of the books in the series and their progression through the levels, highlighting the letter sound, alternative spelling and tricky word knowledge required by the children to successful tackle them!