Brand New Resources

We are delighted to present the latest and greatest Jolly Phonics and Grammar resources!

Towards the end of 2020, we were delighted to release new editions of our Jolly Phonics Pupil and Teacher’s Books, whilst we also announced the release of two brand new sets of readers: Little Word Books and Our World Level 5 Readers.

And 2021 saw the release of so much more, with our exciting new Bumper Book of Phonics Fun, Word Bank, Grammar Glossary, more Our World Readers, Finger Phonics books and more!

This informational flyer provides more information about each of these new resources.

Download the Brand New Resources flyer (British English precursive letters) here.

Download the Brand New Resources flyer (American English print letters) here.

You can also find preview pages and additional information for all of our new resources via their listings within our UK Shop here or within our US Shop here.